Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesdays suck

Eurgh. Had a horrible day at work today. Unfortunately due to the nature of my job we sometimes run late.. into my lunch time. Today we were running SO late that I didnt get a lunch break at all! Well and truly shattered now. But in a much better mood after getting home and reading some lovely comments left on my blog :). I wasn't really expecting anyone to have read it so far, but thanks!!

I went into town yesterday and had a bit of a shopping spree.. I say shopping spree.. I just bought lots of fabric and a new coat! I loooove my new coat. Absolute bargain at £10 as well! Don't you just love it when they start bringing in Sring/Summer stuff, and all the winter stuff is discounted but its still cold enough to wear. I shall have to get a picture with me in it.. its so soft :)

Also purchased this cute little jug thing from the PDSA shop. Im a sucker for pretty chinawear, and for animals so it was a match made in heaven.

I adore pretty little pots for storing things in. & Glass jars.

Now to put something in them :)

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