Saturday, 18 February 2012

hoot hoot

So, I thought i would make a post showing just how much I love owls and all the cute little owl related things you can get (that I have at least!)

A gorgeous card given to me by my boyfriends best mate for Christmas. I  adore it, im going to keep it forever!


This is a little owl canvas that I made, using old curtain fabric samples and some beads.

My favourite cushion Archibald (red) and his wife Matila, who's insides are microwaveable for cuddles in winter ;)


This is a cute little lip balm I got for Christmas!

Gorgeous mug, perfect for drinking milk out of (I dont like tea or coffee) and a little wooden figure

A painting I did a few years ago, bit rough but I still like it

And finally a little light up owl.. he is sat in the dark!

Hope you love owls as much as I do x

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