Tuesday, 7 February 2012

chocolate kisses

I went into my local CoOp the other day, and was very excited to see the return of these.. in mini form! They were so cute I had to buy some even though it is nowhere near Easter yet. I had them sitting next to my laptop on the desk for about a week..

Lets just say there were three of them. I feel so guilty now >.<


  1. Aww Lindt chocolate is my favourite! I ate a whole massive bar while watching a movie at the weekend haha. And those little bunnies are just adorable! don't you find it ridiculous how early they start selling Easter eggs?! Though they can sell these bunnies all year round in my opinion! x

  2. It is ridiculous how early it starts... but can't say im bothered if it means I get to eat these! These bunnies should be sold all the time.. along with chocolate oranges! Best things ever! x