Sunday, 29 April 2012


Some of the pictures I have taken with this marvelous app! Here are some of the things I've made, some i've seen, and some i've been given. I'm slowly getting a bit addicted to it. There are so many beautiful pictures on there to browse as well!

Some flowers on the cliffs @ Plymouth Hoe

& what I wore to our dinner date last night.

(the orange shoes finally got an outing!)
(and boy are my feet paying for it today)

(Shoes Next, Skirt Next, Top Monsoon, Bag Max C, Coat Calvin Klein)

my username is surrowly if you want it ;)

catharine x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

dancing shoes

So these are my favourite pair of shoes that I have. I've had them for maybe 2 years now.. and i've never worn them out. Is that a bit silly? I'm just afraid they will get scuffed.. and I don't have the sort of job where I get to wear fancy shoes so they remain in storage. I do occaisionally get them out to wear around the house. In fact i'm wearing them as I type this. They are sooooooo comfy. I reckon you could dance all night in them. Soft sole shoes from Next.. I can't remember how much they were but I know they were in the Boxing Day sales...

Yeah i'm helluva pale.. call me a vampire ;)

One day.. I will have the perfect occasion for them and the perfect outfit. Orange is a bit difficult too.

But I still <3 them..

catharine x

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Here is what I have been upto today so far! Bought these little tealight holders from Wilkinson.. can't remember exactly how much they were but only a few pounds for 6 of them.

Got my trusty hot glue gun out from its box and raided my ribbon and lace collection..

And here are the finished results...!

You like?

catharine x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

little treasures

The other day I thought I would go on a little hunt through my local charity shops and I discovered several lovely things. One of which being this leaf shaped glass dish. Isn't it gorgeous? I have a bit of a soft spot for pretty glass things.. this post Here shows another I have.

Obviously it was born to hold jewellery and hair clips..

..The above earrings and necklace I recently purchased from eBay. I adore them!

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone has been leaving recently! :-)

catharine x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Made another little lady the other day :) Say hello to Ruby!

I also posted a little lady to my friend Charlotte and she sent me this picture of where she put her - with all the softies she has made! Cute huh?

catharine x

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Today i've been organising my clothes.. I had a big pile on a chair that needed to be put away and everything was out of order. Yes I colour code my clothes :P. Going through them all gave me a new appreciation for what i've got - rediscovered a few pieces I will be wearing again soon!

Can you tell that white is my favourite to wear? ;)

My favourite handbag <3

I love blouses with pretty prints <3

This blouse with the bird on the right is my current favourite. I bought it two sizes too big from eBay and have recently altered it. Post to follow soon showing that.

catharine x

Friday, 13 April 2012

snip snaps

So I've had my camera for a couple of weeks now. And I still don't feel like i know how to use even a quarter of it. So many settings! I need a camera maestro to teach me.. or join a camera club or something. But i'm having fun with it :) And it certainly helps with taking photos to put on here!

Here I am with my baby (I like how the camera is big enough for me to hide behind ;])

Palmers Cocoa Butter <3

I particularly like the background blur setting used below. And I love little glass jars too!

Here are some gorgeous cards I have been given that I can't bring myself to put away! The two bunnies are from the boyfriend and the owl was an awesome birthday card from a friend!

I have so many odd earrings and broken ones.. I intend to repair them one day or use for something else. But for now they get put in there. Don't you just hate it when you lose one earring?!

catharine x

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

bows and ribbons

Had a bit of retail therapy recently.. even though i reallllly shouldn't have. But never mind.. it was all cheap stuff.. just lots of it ;). Got some new hair accessories as now its gotten pretty long i've been thinking I need to do more things with it. Watched a few Youtube videos and I am learning slowly. I've never been very good at hair or makeup - I was a bit of a tomboy during my teenage years so it's not something I ever learnt.. and now I don't have any female friends around here to show me either so gotta do it myself! Ahah enough of the sob stories!

But anyway I got this cute little bow in Primark. It was £1.50 I think - or around that price. Pink and polka dots.. whats not to love?!

Also it is deceptively difficult to take a picture of the back of your own head?!? Especially with a heavy camera! This is the best I could manage on my own. Hoping to get some of it with an outfit at some point, though im not sure what to style it with at the moment.

catharine x