Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Hey hope you had a great Valentines day. Mine was lovely.. pancakes for breakfast, with flowers and a gorgeous card. He had already given me my present a week ago (he can't keep things secret at all!), as had I. Chose not to go anywhere in the end as the weather wasn't the best, so the day was spent relaxing at home and enjoying each others company - usually im at work all week! I even got some time to do some crafty things :) x

How cute is this card?! I LOVE bunnies!

Anyway, I took some old perfume bottles of his and decided to glam them up a bit. They were grey and boring and 'manly looking'. so I thought... ribbons and lace! This is the result.. looks like I am in need of some of my perfume too!

I also made these tea light holders.. can't wait for it to be dark so I can see how they look ;)

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  1. you have such a cute and lovely blog, I like all the things that you post here. And you're so creative too. The little tweaks you did on the tea light holders make them look really adorable now! What a fabulous idea to decorate the perfume bottles.Thank you for dropping by my blog. Following you too!