Tuesday, 28 February 2012

oh butterfly

I was feeling a bit down earlier as its the last day of my eBay auction for selling one of my russian doll softies didnt go.

So I thought I would wear something special that I don't usually get the chance to today to cheer myself up. When this happens I naturally go for the coat you can kinda see in the photo below. Its a gorgeous dusty pink Calvin Klein mac I found in TkMaxx once and I love it. Next I was looking for accessories. I do enjoy a pretty brooch. And pretty butterfly brooch is even better. Especially when found on eBay for next to nothing!

I love the mother of pearl wings. Perfect addition to any scarf or collar


  1. what a pretty brooch! Certainly will cheer you up! Sorry you're feeling down I am sure things will get better.. don't be discouraged. I know it's not easy to sell stuff on ebay.


  2. i like your blog :)

    i follow you since now.

    we can follow each other?



    1. Hi dear! Nice post... you pin is so lovely! Congrats for your blog, it looks very cool! I'm a new follower and I wanted to invite you to follow me back at: http://www.ladyfairy-scloset.blogspot.com/
      I hope you will! XOXO

  3. it's gorgeous and i love how you have closed your scarf with it! beautiful!