Monday, 13 February 2012

getting creative

Yesterday was spent lost in a world of ribbons, embellishments, lace and my glue gun. Many burnt fingertips later I finally got round to repairing some things i'd broken and making some new ones.

Here is a glimpse of what i was using and got up to.

I love little bows and ribbons and everything cute and minature. They are often the perfect finishing touch to something. I am always on the lookout for more, cutting them off labels etc.

I added some ribbon and lace trimming to the brown wooden heart box. Ive had that for a while (also purchased from the Range) and have been meaning to decorate it but have never known how. The large purple ribbon came from a box of chocolates I was given at Christmas and fits perfectly <3.

Also Pansys are one of my favourite flowers. I love the colours, and i love sketching them. Watercolours and pen.

And these little guys are fridge magnets that ive made out of little glass stones I found lying around. They were so much fun to make! Now I need a new metal display board to put them on because the fridge is getting full up.

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