Monday, 9 April 2012

my corner

Hey hope you had a good Easter! I am very much enjoying my long weekend.

Today I thought I would share what I did to my full length mirror. I bought it when I moved into a shared house at Uni as there wasn't a mirror in my room - and a full length is always handy! I couldn't afford the lovely white framed ones etc so I just got the cheapest, boring grey one. The mirror has moved with me since and now it has pride of place in the new flat. Though I often end up moving it all over the place depending on where I feel like getting ready that day - hence why its by my desk and craft area here ;)

But I decided to spruce it up a bit by covering the back in lots of pictures. I just photocopied pages out of various art books, cut things out from magazines and even painted some sheets of paper to go on there. And this is what it looks like (On the left)!

I couldnt get a very good picture of it, so you get to see some of the rest of the room too! This is my little corner. I've got quite a lot of books.. You can't see all of them ;)

And my lovely stash of fabric. I have so many ideas for this.. I just need more time and the skills to do it with.


  1. I really like this part o your bedroom.... I have bookshelves full of books too... Only that most of them have to do about accountancy :P

  2. So pretty! I am jealous of your fabric collection! very creative x