Sunday, 22 April 2012

dancing shoes

So these are my favourite pair of shoes that I have. I've had them for maybe 2 years now.. and i've never worn them out. Is that a bit silly? I'm just afraid they will get scuffed.. and I don't have the sort of job where I get to wear fancy shoes so they remain in storage. I do occaisionally get them out to wear around the house. In fact i'm wearing them as I type this. They are sooooooo comfy. I reckon you could dance all night in them. Soft sole shoes from Next.. I can't remember how much they were but I know they were in the Boxing Day sales...

Yeah i'm helluva pale.. call me a vampire ;)

One day.. I will have the perfect occasion for them and the perfect outfit. Orange is a bit difficult too.

But I still <3 them..

catharine x


  1. oh my goodness I LOVE those shoes! I want them! :)

  2. They sure are really lovely. I agree on the colour, it's a bit tricky.. Maybe with white? :)

    Thank you for the comment & congrats dear!

    - Satu
    Indie by heart

  3. wow..the shoes are so lovely! I am eyeing the bag behind it as well!

  4. oh you have to wear them out! they are too gorgeous to be kept away! x

  5. Ooh i love those shoes too! They deserve to be seen by a wider audience x