Tuesday, 22 May 2012

olympic torch

So we went to see the Olympic torch on Saturday on the first day of it's journey. Im quite lucky in that I live only 10 mins walk from one of the roads it was going down! So we obviously went out to watch it :) I'm not really a sports person - i've never really watched the Olympics before - and I have to admit I probably won't watch much of it this year. But as it is in my country this time, and I am unlikely to get the opportunity to see something like that again, I wanted to go. It was quite exciting - lots of people there. Was nice that people were getting into the spirit of things.

Took some pictures. They aren't very good. But they were moving constantly, and pushing us back from getting too close. But you get the idea ;-)

catharine x

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  1. Wow, looks like fun! I'm gettng pumped for the Olympics!! :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

    xoxo, Taylor {CoverGirl and Converse}