Monday, 7 May 2012

lopwell dam

On saturday Ollie, his brother Elliott and I went for a drive to place on Dartmoor called Lopwell Dam. Its quite remote there.. nice and quiet and a great place for a walk. Luckily for us the tide was low so we were able to walk across the damn and explore the woods around it. Here are some pictures of our adventures!

Me and my wellies

There was a lovely house up on the hill.. Wouldn't mind living there myself ;) 

I hate it when I take a close up pic of a flower.. get home and realise there were bugs on the flower!!

With these photos below I was testing out a trick I read about on A Beautiful Mess blog (link to the side) where you take your lense off the camera and hold it infront a little bit. I think I quite like it.. the pictures look a bit ghostly. They are by no means perfect.. certainly not sharp. But I think its something I will play around with in the future. Ended up putting a nasty fingerprint on the lense though.. oops!

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