Saturday, 2 June 2012


It's been a little while since i posted anything, mainly due to having had an exam yesterday >.<. Yuck. Glad to have it out of the way but im not really sure how it went. Just got to wait and see now. Anything on to more interesting things!

My latest trip out was to a place called Dartington Hall, near Totnes, Devon. Totnes is about 20 mins away from me on the train so perfect for a little day trip. The town itself looked lovely.. didn't stay there too long but will be going back again I think. We walked from the train station down a little public footpath alongside the river. It was gorgeous. But no where near as gorgeous as the main event.

I saw Dartington in my big book of gardens the other day and immediately decided to go as it was so close. Totally worth a visit. Stunning gardens! The house itself is a hotel I think, but you are able to go visit for free (they ask for a small donation to help with upkeep).

The perfect place for a wedding. I was already planning my dream one as we were walking round. One day haha ;)

Here are some photos from the day!

Foxglove is one of my favourite flowers

The garden has these enchanting grass banks surrounded by trees. As it was a week day it was almost empty as well.

Now I wouldn't call myself a stylish person at all. I certainly love fashion.. I just don't feel at all that confident with wearing attention grabbing outfits. I'm not confident with my style yet. I also feel like I am still learning what suits me and my body. But one thing I do love to wear is a floaty skirt. And twirling in it :)


catharine x


  1. Wow! Looks definitely up my street, I can't believe I haven't been seeing as I visit family in Devon every year. Totnes is meant to be lovely, lots of good charity shops I hear!

  2. Wow, your photography is amazing! I love all the flowers, especially the fox gloves.

  3. I went there when I was younger, but your photos make it look even more gorgeous than I remember!

  4. Those grass banks are incredible. Hope the exam went ok!

  5. the flowers are beautiful:)

  6. These pictures are just amazing... looks like heaven :)