Saturday, 17 March 2012

the music of the night

I haven't posted in a while.. the reason being i've been quite ill! Still not feeling great but now on the mend thankfully. Luckily I had Thursday & Friday booked off work due to it being my birthday on Thursday, so I had some recuperation time. Unfortunately I didnt get to do what I had planned on my birthday (a nice day trip into Cornwall!) but I did get to do something rather special yesterday (Friday)...

At roughly the end of October last year I almost squealed in delight when I looked in the local paper... The Phantom of the Opera theatre production was to be on tour... where I live! I immediately bought two tickets. They were pretty pricey but I had to go see it. I have always wanted to but living down in Plymouth.. its a bit far to London. When I lived at my mum's house it was only about 50 mins from London on the train and therefore theatre trips happened fairly often. Now it is a rare treat!

Anyway! Last night was the night. And OH MY GOSH was it worth waiting for!! It was fantastic. I'm a massive fan of the story anyway.. I've loved Andrew Lloyd Webber's music for it for years. I got goosebumps so many times throughout (and admittedly almost shed a few tears at points!). It was a perfect way to cheer myself up after having a pretty miserable week and an ill birthday. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

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